Managing pimples through the day – 1000s of microbes and the way to beat them

Dermatologists believe, every person faces at least 3 major out breaks of acne during their lifetime; mostly during their teens and post-puberty. Acne is in fact the most common skin condition found all over the planet. Since it is so highly common, your skin needs proper protection to fight acne and keep it clear. There are many products in the market that promise on clearing acne and keeping your skin healthy, however few minor changes to your lifestyle could help you in combating acne.

More than an infectious skin condition, Acne is also a lifestyle inflicted disease. Researchers say, people who live a stressful lifestyle have a higher risk of acne outbursts. Here are 5 simple ways you can fight acne by yourself through the day.

1. Get Enough Sleep

The concept of ‘Beauty Sleep’ is quite well known yet seldom followed. Losing just 1 hour’s sleep puts you at 90% higher risk of an acne outburst. Sleep also helps to improve your metabolism, relieve stress and substantially reduce sebum production.

2. Exercise

Exercise helps you to keep your body healthy and active. It also does a lot of good for your skin. Exercise makes you sweat and in turn detoxifies your body, removes toxins that may contribute to acne outburst. Although, be sure to have a post –workout shower, as sweat over long periods of time may invigorate acne.

3. Cut Down on Dairy Products

Recent studies have revealed that dairy products do more harm than good for your health. Consuming dairy products changes the chemical composition in your body leading to outbursts of acne. People claim, it was easier to manage acne when they cut down on dairy products completely. Many dermatologists also recommend cutting down on dairy products to manage acne better.

4. Not Too Sweet

Sugar and confectionaries have long been known to aggravate acne conditions. Studies suggest intake of sugar worsens the symptoms of acne. Moreover, Sugar also leads to other health conditions like diabetes. Reducing sugar intake would do a lot of good not just for your skin but also your overall health.

5. Hands-Off

Keep your hands off your face if you are suffering from acne. Pimples can sometimes be itchy and irritable, however touching your face and pinching pimples only makes it worse. It could cause pimples to spread and irritate your skin. It could also lead to serious scaring!

Along with these 5 tips, being hygienic and keeping yourself hydrated also helps in fighting acne through the day.

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