The moisture content of the skin determines its nature (oily, dry and normal), texture and also how we look. Skin needs a certain level of moisture content to be healthy and moisture loss makes the skin dry, scaly, and also highlights the lines and wrinkles making your skin look older.

So how can we prevent out skin from losing all the moisture?

There are many ways we can do that and look our glorious best

    • Environment– Skin’s natural ability to make its own natural moisturizing factors are disrupted when we are exposed to the UV radiation from the sun. Hence, it is essential to use sunscreen at all times, even during winters. Hot showers also strip our skin of moisture. It is advisable to have short showers in lukewarm water. Low humidity, air conditioning and heaters also affect skin’s ability to retain moisture
    • Moisturizers – Contrary to popular belief, moisturizers do not moisturize the skin. They only help lock in the moisture. So, use of gentle moisturizer, cleansing soap followed by any moisturizing lotion can help you in that way.
    • Lifestyle – it is extremely important to keep your body hydrated from the inside as well. Drink lots of water and have fruits rich in Vitamin C.

Taking good care of your body and skin makes you healthy which is the best way to look at all times.

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