Heat and Humidity in summer cause excess sweat and oil production in the skin which acts as a magnet to the dirt and dust that’s present in the environment making the skin attract all eventually leading to clogged pores and breakout.

Summer is a beautiful season when handled with care. Experiencing a high level of acne breakouts in summer is common on both the face and the body.

Several studies show a correlation between the summer month and acne breakouts. But the thing is that acne doesn’t get worse because of sun exposure it is mainly because of the increased oil production, sweating, and more pore-clogging as mentioned above.

When the temperature is hotter outside we start to layer our skin with lotion, body butter or oil, sunscreen to keep our skin moisturized and glowing but when these get mixed up with the sweat, grime, and the factor environmental factors they lead to even more breakouts.

Acne breakouts are multifactorial conditions as they can be caused due to certain hormonal factors and androgens that are present within the body this also influences the increase in oil production and cause acne.

Well acne breakouts can be caused due to various conditions or factors but prevention that can be done are by


  1. Having plenty of water
  2. Using a minimal amount of lotions/creams on the skin and avoiding heavy lotions
  3. Avoid popping the pimple
  4. Remove the sweat and dirt often with a clean soft cloth or tissue
  5. Use deep cleanser      
  6. Have lots of fresh juices and maintain a healthy diet
  7. Exercise or Yoga helps to keep the hormones at bay and gives clear skin
  8. Relax and be stress-free
  9. Wear breathable clothing
  10. Sunscreen is important and it is also necessary to reapply the sunscreen every 3-4hrs

If there is an acne problem, use a safe and proven product that can give multi-dimensional protection i.e. from dust, clogging, oil, microbes, sun protection.

Presenting one such product Verdura Anti-acne pack.

Verdura Anti-acne pack is a wash-off product just like face pack which is scientifically proven for its anti-microbial effect even after wash-off. It is also clinically proven to clear pimples in 3 weeks’ usage.

This being in pack form removes clogging and excess oil.

Verdura Anti-acne pack also offers sun protection and water resistance which gives you blemish-free even-toned skin.

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