Summer is a beautiful season with warm weather but there comes in lots of skin problems along with the warmth. There are various problems associated with the skin during the summer season and a few are DRYNESS, DEHYDRATION, BURNS, RASHES, etc.

Dehydration and Dryness is very common skin problem in summer but they can be soothed by using a simple moisturizing soap. Here are a few other reasons why moisturizing soap is important in the summer season:


Moisturizing soap like any other soap cleanses the skin by removing the dirt but with the replenishing oil present in the moisturizing soap, it leaves the skin smooth and moist for the rest of the day.



As moisturizing soap contains various essential oil in them they lock in the moist in the skin which makes the skin hydrated and having plenty of water intake will keep the skin and body hydrated.


In the summer season, a lot of people believe that if you scrub your skin you won’t get acne. But only some of those people are the ones with most of the acne! That’s because those harsh cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils and even break down your protective barrier and allow for acne-causing bacteria to invade. You need moisturizing soap in order to both cleanse and then reinforce the moisture that is usually lost when you wash your face.




Your skin certainly has a natural pH level that is slightly acidic in order to kill off harmful bacteria like acne-causing bacterial and some debris. But if your skin is dry and lacking in moisture, the pH level is going to be off and you’ll open your skin’s natural protective barrier to all of those harmful bacteria that can create various skin problems! Moisturizing soaps help restore your skin’s pH level so that the natural barrier can function as it always should.




Moisturizing soaps not only cleanses but also balances the oil production in the skin which helps to prevent the breakouts and acne scars and the essential oils in the soap make the skin healthy, nourished, and supple.


VERDURA SKIN FRESH INTENSE MOISTURIZER BAR is a clinically proven safe soap and it is also scientifically proven to be non-irritant, non-cytotoxic & mild.

 VERDURA SKIN FRESH INTENSE MOISTURIZER BAR contains extracts of aloe Vera and is enriched with Avocado oil, Almond oil, and Wheat germ oil which provide intense moisturization to the skin when used and removes the dead skin cells in extremely dry skin conditions too.


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