Taking care of your skin is equally as important as your other organs. If not…

´It becomes dry and rough. The excess dead cells that would normally be washed away get stuck to the skin, causing it to look grey and dull.

´Your pores will get and stay clogged, which can cause acne and enlarged pores.

´Not using moisturizer, your skin will become chronically inflamed and the collagen (the stuff that gives skin it’s elasticity) will begin to break down.

´Not moisturizing damages the moisture barrier which helps the skin prevent clogging and breakouts.

´On top of all of that, your skin will start to get itchy, which can lead to abrasions and infection.

Daily moisturising is important for radiant skin. The skin is your body’s largest organ, and it constantly sheds cells. Moisture in your skin helps it repair itself constantly. Moisturizers do this by holding water in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin.  A good amount of moisture in your skin also helps reduce the likeliness of skin problems.

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems

When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up.

Moisturizing can reduce the appearance of other blemishes

Freshly moisturized skin has a healthy sheen, which can even out any existing blemishes.

Moisturizing fights wrinkles and helps your skin stay young

Moisturizing can help your skin the boost it needs to repair itself and stay young.

Moisturizing helps balance your skin’s natural oil production

Get balanced, beautiful skin by replenishing your skin with moisturizer after cleansing.

To maintain a clear complexion and keep your skin moisturized, use non-comedogenic moisturizer. Non-comedogenic moisturizers won’t clog your pores and are less likely to cause acne breakouts than regular moisturizers. As a whole, moisturizers has got pivotal role on skin health.

Take up a routine skin care regimen to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

Verdura peau moist lotion – A rich creamy lotion that with active complex acts on different layers of skin

  • Rejuvenates and maiantains hydro-lipo balance of the skin at Epidermal layer
  • Helps in collagen build up and improves skin’s elasticity at Dermal layer
  • Advanced deep acting moisturizing lotion formulated with rich ingredients
    • Bisabolol
    • Avocado oil
    • Cocoa butter
    • Glycerine
    • Allantoin

    to offer immense hydration to act deep down the layers of skin and lock in the moisture.

    Offers deep penetration of actives that plumps up the skin making it look young, radiant and glowing.


    Distinctive ingredients –Distinctive benefits

    Bisabolol – A Bio-active skin calming and soothening agent derived from German Chamomile facilitates deep penetration and skin radiance. Repairs, Rejuvenates and Hydrates your skin.

    Avocado oil

    • Rich in fatty acids – Provides intense moisturization
    • Rich source of vitamin E, potassium & lecithin – Nourish and moisturize the skin

    Cocoa butter acts as a barrier and forms a sheath preventing moisture loss from skin. Gives a natural glow by replenishing and locking the moisture in.

    Glycerin can do wonders to your skin which is a hygroscopic material (grabs moisture from atmosphere) helps in

    • skin hydration
    • cutaneous elasticity
    • epidermal barrier repair

    Allantoin is an effective anti-irritant for the skin that calms and soothes sensitive areas. They promote wound healing with cell regeneration.

    With providing the right moisturization to your skin will perform the right functions

  1. Protection – Skin can only perform its task as the body’s protective barrier if it has sufficient moisture.
  2. Prevents Drying Out – Skin lipids regulate moisture balance and minimize water loss. This stops skin from becoming tight and dry.
  3. Prevents Bacteria Growth – Moisture in skin helps maintain balance, preventing the penetration of fungi and bacteria.
  4. Regeneration – Without moisture in the skin, the message to build new skin cells cannot be properly transmitted.
  5. Elasticity – Without water in the skin, every small movement or vibration would make the skin tear.

Keep your skin happy with all the goodness of bio-active ingredients in Verdura peau moist lotion!

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