Achieve friendship between psoriasis and Sun

Psoriasis is multi-organ level, progressive autoimmune disorder of the skin where the skill cell turnover time reduces, resulting in the formation of the progeny cells that are dissimilar, less identical and carry less to no functional benefit to the skin. Since the origin or the exact trigger of the disease is not clearly understood, regaining the cell cycle time is one of the treat strategies adopted widely to achieve symptom free state and thereby the barrier function of the skin can be restored.
Among the various therapeutic agents that can be used for the above treatment benefit, the less adopted and less followed best remedial measure for the above medical benefit is sun exposure. The question of sun exposure always comes with certain limitations as all those who live in high sun exposure area not going to suffer from Psoriasis greatly and therefore the areas where sun exposure is least will find it difficult to follow the above. Further how long one must expose to really benefit is also under clout as UVB and UVA rays are only going to impact such benefit. Prolonged exposure to sun is not possible due to practical reason and all the more, the affect parts of the body are quite private, sun exposure is not that easy.

Verdura melapro cream is nothing but a natural, herbal based step-up transformer. The photo-amplifying agent – Psoralen would instantaneously maximize the effect of solar exposure several fold, reduce the time required for exposure under normal situation and would allow the sun exposure to fragment the shortened cell cycle time. The psoriatic patients by using Verdura Melapro can trigger the cellular response positively and thereby the subsequent treatment would offer best treatment response in short time.

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