Those who feel ‘paradise lost’ need not worry too much about the loss of paradise, the paradise can be regained easily with Verdura Melagain cream.   The phrase ‘paradise’ herein refers to loss of skin pigment due to the autoimmune disease called Vitiligo which is popularly referred as leukoderma.  The achromic skin devoid of the pigment melanin appear as island lesion or extensive disfigured lesion definitely would affect the social and self-esteem of the sufferer.  Medically such discolouration of skin may not bring any physical suffering but indeed would cause suffering to the mind.

The disease Vitiligo is often referred as an acquired disease because even through physical insult to our skin, the disease can be caused where the pigment producing cells of the skin loses their ability to produce the pigment to impart the colour.  Due to autoimmune etiology, any amount of efforts to regain the lost out pigment may result in vain as the erosion of melanocytes over dominate the effect of the medicine that we often use.  Therefore, the treatment strategy must address the underlying cause than how to achieve or regain the skin colour.

The allopathic system appears to have not fully understood the science of Vitiligo as much as AYUSH and therefore the allopathic system often approaches the treatment with steroids and other similar type of drugs which may offer some remedy initially but would never cure that the patient deserves or desire.

We, Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., Chennai has done huge body of research for ages on Vitiligo and AYUSH medicine and out of our intense laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical research, have brought out Verdura Melagain cream for the treatment of vitiligo.  The product is quite unique as it promotes the enzyme that is responsible for pigmentogenesis called tyrosinase, strengthen the melanocytes, increase the dendritic property, chemo attracts melanocyte-keratinocyte hobnobbing so that transfer of the melanin takes place well, promote the melanin production both at pre- and post-transcription level beside offering the much needed sun protection to the skin.

Vitiligo patients need not hereon see the treatment as oasis, Verdura Melagain cream is not just a drug, but is true science with its legs deep in our tradition, the skin could easily respect, recognize, accept and reciprocate.   The product is not just a hope, it is a definite solution for the skin and indeed the paradise gainer to the sufferer.   To know more about the product and research visit our website or correspond with us.

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