Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder of skin in which

  • The skin pigment, melanin is lost
  • Skin cells further fail to produce melanin
  • The already produced pigment does not get transferred to the upper layer of skin

Therefore, skin loses its natural colour and white patches are formed which are progressive in nature.

How to treat vitiligo condition?

Various products that give the following benefits are majorly used for treating vitiligo or hypopigmentary disorders of skin:

  • Increases in melanin synthesis by skin cells
  • Helps in the transfer of melanin from basal layer to the upper layer of skin
  • And also induces the functionality of the required enzyme, tyrosinase

These functions are further enhanced by the sun therapy or PUVA therapy. But, due to lack of melanin, the vitiligenous skin becomes very sensitive to the sun exposure. Hence it needs to be protected from the sun damage.

Verdura mela gain cream- what and why

Verdura mela gain cream gives all the above mentioned benefits and helps in the management of vitiligo condition.

It also contains Psoralea corylifolia (natural source of Psoralen) that entraps and boosts the sun therapy and the sun screeners such as Bentonite, Calamine, Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide that are present in it, give required protection to the skin from over exposure.

Clinical proof for efficacy of Verdura mela gain cream

A clinical study was done on 26 volunteers with cream with and without sun screeners and with and without sun exposure.

The findings of the study suggest that the herbal actives of the cream induce melanin production, irrespective of sun exposure. Simultaneously, the sunscreeners minimize the solar vulnerability of the skin.

Hence, with these proven complimentary benefits from contradicting agents, Verdura mela gain cream can be the best product of choice for vitiligo treatment.

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