PUVA is an acronym. The P stands for psoralen, the U for ultra, the V for violet, and the A for that portion of the solar spectrum between 320 and 400 nanometers in wavelength. Psoralens are chemicals found in certain plants that have the ability to absorb ultraviolet light in the UVA portion of the solar spectrum.

Once the light energy is absorbed, these psoralens are energized to interact with DNA, ultimately inhibiting cell multiplication, which is its presumed mode of action. Same way melanin will be triggered in response to UV light as a defensive mechanism protecting the skin.

When there are skin conditions with lack of melanin and scarce of melanin, PUVA therapy is used to trigger the melanin production from DNA level, thereby giving even tone of the skin along with the defensive mechanism.

What are the advantages of PUVA?

The major advantage to PUVA is that it is an effective therapy that becomes active only at the site of exposure. It can be used to treat large areas of skin, and the fact that the drug is only activated in the presence of UV light implies that it may be less toxic than other therapies that require systemic administration and whose effects are not localized to just the skin.

What are the disadvantages of PUVA?

PUVA can potentially cause skin cancer, just as does natural ultraviolet light. In addition, because of the intensity and duration over which it may be given, patients are at greater risk to develop squamous cell skin cancers and melanomas in treated skin than would otherwise be the case. In addition, excessive aging of the skin manifest as excessive lentigines with atrophy (poikiloderma) is likely to occur in the areas treated. Although rare, serious burns are possible because of inadvertent over dosage of UVA. Patients must limit their environmental exposure to sunlight for 24 hours after taking psoralens.

Verdura Mela Pro cream is the modified and modern form of classical Psoralea corylifolia

Psoralea corylifolia or babchi- It contains Psoralen which on absorption of sun light activates the damaged melanocytes (pigment producing skin cells) resulting into production of melanin.
Wrightia tinctoria or Vetpalai – Augments healing properties of skin.

Indigofera tinctoria- Acts as anti-oxidant and contain natural pigment indigo.

Piper longum or long pepper- Induces multiplication of pigment cells and also helps in the melanin transfer from the basal layer of the skin to the uppermost layer.

It has following benefits

  • Contains Natural form of psoralens.
  • Greater benefit in less photogenic reaction.
  • Increases the susceptibility of skin to UV rays.
  • Kindles genetic memory of the skin to produce melanin in Vitiligo.
  • Proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for long term use

Method of application

Psoralen application is followed by exposure to gradually increasing doses (till mild erythema achieved) of sunlight. For sensitivity patients, alternative days exposure is preferable. According to new studies, the best time of the day to expose the sunlight is between 9.15 – 11.15 AM and 2.30-3.30 PM because there is minimal unwanted exposure to UVB and infrared light at these times.

Verdura mela gain cream helps in the management of vitiligo condition.

It also contains Psoralea corylifolia (natural source of Psoralen) that entraps and boosts the sun therapy and the sun screeners such as Bentonite, Calamine, Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide that are present in it, give required protection to the skin from over exposure.

Clinical proof for efficacy of Verdura mela gain cream

A clinical study was done on 26 volunteers with cream with and without sun screeners and with and without sun exposure.

The findings of the study suggest that the herbal actives of the cream induce melanin production, irrespective of sun exposure. Simultaneously, the sunscreeners minimize the solar vulnerability of the skin.

Hence, with these proven complimentary benefits from contradicting agents, Verdura mela gain cream can be the best product of choice for vitiligo treatment.


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