The skin when loses its natural colour due to various disorders like vitiligo, becomes extremely sensitive to the sun exposure. But on the other hand, sun exposure induces the pigment forming cells underlying the skin and kindles the genetic memory of those cells to produce melanin pigment. Therefore, for treating hypopigmentary disorders, certain amount of sun exposure is required.

How much sun exposure does the skin need?

Overexposure to sun can cause sunburn, wrinkle formation, skin damage, photo ageing of skin and even skin cancer. And when the melanin protection is missing, the risk becomes more.

Moderate sun exposure has various positive effects but there is no easy method to measure the amount of sun exposure.

Complimentary benefits from contradicting agents- the best drug of choice

Hence, to manage hypopigmentary disorders, products with Psoralea corylifolia (natural source of Psoralen) that can absorb the sun benefit and with sun screeners like Bentonite, Calamine, Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide which would protect the skin from over exposure, should be the best choice.

But as the hypopigmentary disorders like vitiligo requires a long term management, we also need to be sure about the product we choose for it. Therefore, doctor’s consultation is must.

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