Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo is not just a super specialist to fight dandruff but is an expert fighter of dandruff from its origin to clinical manifestation of noticeable proportion.

Most of the dandruff solutions available in the market targets largely the microbe that is presumed to play a role in dandruff.  Scaling and at times, profuse scaling in the scalp are the physiological spectrum of skin such as cell birth, aging and senescence.

The microbe that is vastly implicated to cause dandruff is Malassezzia furfur is normal flora in the scalp and human skin.  All those carry the fungus in the scalp and skin does not develop dandruff while some develop and or are highly prone to the problem.  Therefore role of the microbe alone may not be responsible and sufficient to produce dandruff.  Therefore targeting the microbe unitarily may not offer relief from dandruff in all sufferers.

To provide certain relief from dandruff in all sufferers irrespective of age-gender difference, underlying other medical conditions and favoring factors, Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., has researched and brought out a scalp shampoo with select ingredients to bid-adieu to dandruff.

Dual acting anti-fungal agents such as Climbazole and Zinc pyrethione fight out the fungus where Zinc pyrethione besides its antifungal activity also retard substrate availability to the fungus by way of reducing the cell proliferation of scalp cells.  The inflammatory trigger also the ‘twins’ impede to reduce scalp itching which would in turn reduce scratching, spreading and auto-inoculation of the pathogen elsewhere in the body.

The combination of the herbal actives such as Cassia alata, Wrightia tinctoria and Aloe vera offer their cavalry to the war against dandruff where, scavenging the substrate availability to the fungus, fungal elimination and imparting the much needed strength, luster, conditioning and encouragement to the hair that had lost out to dandruff all being offered as their share.

The synthetically active Climbazole, metallic constituent tagged with pyrethione, Zinc pyrethione and the herbal armamentarium in Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo are organized like different hierarchy of war men in battlefield to win the war.

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