Dry skin is a sensitive issue which needs to be taken care of with consummate care. People with dry skin usually have low level of sebum, so their skin develops scales because of their inability to retain moisture. You can manage your skin by taking a few steps.

a) Retaining your natural oils

Your body produces natural oils on a daily basis which helps it from drying up and protects the skin. Using an ordinary soap strips it of these oils therefore using a specialized medicated soap for moisturizing extra dry skin is advised by most doctors. This helps to regain the natural oils in our skin.

b) Exfoliate with care

Exfoliating the skin with scrubs is necessary but it must be done with care as it will remove the dead cells present in the top layer of dry skin. Once or twice a week is more than enough, mainly sensitive areas like the face.

c) Drying your skin with care

Drying the skin is a daily habit but it also needs to be with care as vigorously doing it can lead to irritation of the skin and it also strips the body of its natural oils, so remember when drying your skin to do it gently.

d) Daily use of a Moisturizer

The daily use of a moisturizer is a very good habit to cultivate as it nourishes the skin and helps to lock in moisture. It is especially effective right after a shower when your body is still wet.

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